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Care that starts with education



As the saying goes, when dealing in real estate the three most important factors are location, location, location. The same is true for heart disease only it's EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.


PCC is committed to educating our clients on every facet of heart disease. Whether it is in person during a consultation or through the newsletters, videos, and blogs available on our website, we want to make sure you understand the cause and effect of heart disease 


Another great educational resource for learning about heart disease and keeping up with the latest news on heart care is Cardiosmart. This website is sponsered by the American College of Cardiology, with Dr. Klodas having served as it's first Editor in Chief. Here you will find detailed information on everything heart related. Whether you have a question about a medication or want to learn more about a certain heart condition, you will find the answers here.


webMD is also a very good resource for information on health in general. The content is reviewed by a panel of medical editors, including Dr. Klodas who helps edit articles about heart-related topics.








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