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Tips for a Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but many people struggle to balance healthful eating habits with frequently unhealthy food traditions.

So how do I approach this day? Here's my five-pronged strategy:

#1. I’m mindful of what I eat before the big meal. If possible, I stick with fruits and fresh veggies. If I’m headed to someone else’s house, and I’m not certain of their traditions, I offer to bring a platter of these to share.

#2. For the main meal, I fill my plate with vegetable-based sides and reduce my portions of stuffing, buttery potatoes, and meat with gravy. This doesn’t mean I give up my favorite things, I just change the relative amounts of what I’m eating.

#3. I take a half portion of dessert. OK maybe three quarters!

# 4. Because many beverages are highly caloric, I alternate everything I drink with a glass of water.

And finally, I try to keep it all in perspective. It’s one day and one meal.

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Although this holiday may look a bit different, my family’s tradition is to eat a great meal, not all heart-healthy, and make great memories being together (whether in person or virtual).


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