An exercise treadmill stress test, more commonly referred to as a stress test, is an an excellent way to evaluate your heart's response to physical activity. This is done through the monitoring of your heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiograms while you exercise on a treadmill. There are many questions that can be answered with this test such as:


  • The presence of significant coronary artery disease

  • Blood pressure response to exercise

  • Abnormalities with your heart's electrical activity

  • Fitness level


Unlike a stress echocardiogram there is no imaging involved with a stress test. A stress test is typically performed on someone who is:


  • Having chest pain which does not sound heart related

  • Placed in a low pre-test risk catagory for having significant coronary artery disease, this includes:

    • No family history of heart disease

    • Normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels

    • Normal resting electrocardiogram

  • Male patients

    • Females have a higher incidence of false positive stress electrocardiograms

  • Having the test performed as part of a physical


A stress test is a very safe test to perform. The risk of having a serious complication (heart attack or death) is less than 1 in 10,000. Keep in mind that you will be continously monitored throughtout the test by experienced personnel and the test will be stopped if there is any indication that continuing would be unsafe.



Click on the link below for stress testing details and preparation


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