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Preventive Cardiology Clinic


At Preventive Cardiology Clinic, care begins with a conversation.  We spend time with you to really learn about what symptoms you are experiencing, what your risk factors are, and what you hope to achieve in terms of your health.  We aim to be your partner in care and your best advocate.


A typical first consultation with Dr. Klodas takes approximately

one hour.  During that time we will go over your general health

history, your heart history, your cardiac risk factors and your diet.


We will discuss any recommendations for additional testing and

why we are recommending them. We always look for ways

that you can help yourself heal.  Our approach is based on the

latest guidelines and medical knowledge, but takes into account

your individual circumstances.  Although we do prescribe

medications for various heart issues, we also work with you

to find ways to minimize your reliance on medications.

Because we believe that the healthiest person is one who is

attending to lifestyle fundamentals, not just getting their "numbers" in line through pills.

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