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Preventive Cardiology Clinic

Innovative healthcare practice maintains rapid growth, welcomes new specialty groups in early 2020.

Local cardiology, colon and rectal physicians to join Infinite Health Collaborative (i-Health), expand clinical specialties of independent practice.

MINNEAPOLIS (January 29, 2020) Infinite Health Collaborative (i-Health) made headlines in late 2019 after launching in the Twin Cities, and growth has continued into the new year. The independent physician practice will expand to include operating divisions of cardiology, colon and rectal, family medicine, orthopedics, and women’s health.

Preventive Cardiology Clinic (PCC) and Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates (CRSAL) join Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), Burnsville Family Physicians (BFP) Catalyst Medical Clinic (CMC), and OBGYN Associates (OGA), which includes OBGYN Specialists, Associates in Women’s Health, OBGYN & Infertility, Diamond Women’s Center, and Haugen OB/GYN.

PCC joined i-Health effective January 1, 2020, and CRSAL plans to join spring of 2020.

A modern approach to a timeless idea

i-Health physicians focus on patient choice, and share core principles of quality care, physician autonomy, value-based care, and innovation. They are like-minded, passionate care providers who are inspired to grow, innovate, and ultimately impact change in healthcare.

“We’re a small, independent practice that prides itself on listening and catering to the needs of each individual patient. We’re not distracted by the sometimes conflicting priorities of large organizations, and we intend to keep it that way,” said Elizabeth Klodas, MD, Preventive Cardiology Clinic physician and founder. “Joining the i-Health family allows us to remain independent, focus on our patients, and keep healthcare personal.”

“Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates has served the Twin Cities metropolitan area for over 50 years,” said Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates physician Michael Spencer, MD. “The practice is recognized nationally for its quality care, research and educational role of future physician leaders within the medical field. We feel the partnership with i-Health will provide additional resources to serve our community and allow us to continue our educational endeavors into the foreseeable future.”

In a health system, physicians are sometimes limited in the care options they can provide to patients. The i-Health model enables physician practices to remain independent, and in doing so encourages patients to be active participants in their own healthcare decisions.

“Sometimes patients come into my office thinking I’m just going to tell them what to do,” explains Krista Olsen, MD, OBGYN Associates physician. “I remind them that my job is not to tell them what to do with their healthcare choices. My job is to help lead them through those choices.”

Independent physicians and the future of healthcare

When independent practices join i-Health, the physicians remain owners in the business. This grants physicians the autonomy to always make decisions in the best interest of patients, even if it’s not in the best interest of the business.

i-Health physicians aren’t forced to send patients to specific providers or choose next steps from a drop-down menu. They can focus on listening, learning, and guiding patients to make smart healthcare decisions.

The i-Health model was designed to be a framework for independent physician practices seeking growth and sustainability amidst a constantly evolving, competitive healthcare landscape.


About Infinite Health Collaborative

Infinite Health Collaborative (i-Health) is an independent physician practice with operating divisions across several clinical specialties. Visit to learn more about the specialties and services of each practice. i-Health physicians focus on patient choice, and share core principles of physician autonomy, quality, value-based care and innovation. By enabling physician practices to remain independent, and encouraging patients to be active participants in their healthcare decisions, i-Health preserves true, patient-first care. Their passionate team is inspired to create endless possibilities for growth and innovation, and ultimately impact change in healthcare.

About Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates

Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates (CRSAL) is one of the largest independent colon and rectal physician practices in the world, specializing in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of colon and rectal diseases. CRSAL provides concentrated expertise in all areas of colon and rectal surgery, and is recognized globally as a leading academic and research institution. In 2000, CRSAL physicians established the Pelvic Floor Center as a free-standing diagnostic center in Minneapolis. It is a highly specialized, state of the art facility that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care and the diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders.

About Preventive Cardiology Clinic

Preventive Cardiology Clinic (PCC) specializes in detecting and treating early stages of heart disease and helping those with known heart disease return to active lifestyles. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, this independent practice guides each individual patient toward a healthier heart by focusing on lifestyle measures - resorting to medications only when necessary.

About Burnsville Family Physicians

Burnsville Family Physicians (BFP) is a family medicine practice and longtime pillar of the Burnsville community. Their dedicated team of independent providers takes immense pride in delivering high-quality care backed by decades of experience, guiding patients along their healthcare journeys, and building long-lasting relationships with generations of patients and their families.

About Catalyst Medical Clinic

Catalyst Medical Clinic (CMC) is a family medicine practice serving generations of patients in the Chaska and Watertown communities. CMC is committed to providing comprehensive, personalized healthcare for patients of all ages, building strong relationships, and being a trusted partner to patients from day one.

About OBGYN Associates

OBGYN Associates (OGA) is a partnership of five independent OBGYN clinics providing exemplary care to women through all stages of their lives. OGA providers take pride in establishing long-term relationships with their patients based on each woman’s individual needs. OGA consists of five clinics with locations across the Twin Cities metro area: OBGYN Specialists, Associates in Women’s Health, OBGYN & Infertility, Diamond Women’s Center, and Haugen OB/GYN.

About Twin Cities Orthopedics

Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) is committed to providing world-class service. TCO’s dedicated teams of independent physicians, specialty providers and care coordinators serve patients in clinic locations, walk-in orthopedic urgent care locations, and numerous other therapy and specialty care settings across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Regardless of the location, TCO delivers an exceptional patient experience, backed by decades of trusted orthopedic and sports medicine care.

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