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Your Guide to Heart Health


Have you ever wondered how someone can seem perfectly healthy one day and require quintuple bypass surgery the next?


Or pass a stress test with flying colors on Monday and drop dead on Wednesday?


Or why eating a bagel could be worse for your cholesterol profile than eating a steak?


This book was written to take the mystery out of heart disease and its prevention.  It will help you to be a better consumer of health care and health news.


"I just read it cover-to-cover, and I think it should be required reading for anyone who cares about having a healthy heart. The author is very good at explaining the science and medicine behind what is known today about heart-healthy living, and also provides reasonable recommendations for lifestyle changes to help you get healthy and stay that way for the long haul. I guess it helps that she is a cardiologist!

It is refreshing to have everything explained so well -- from what the different types of cholesterol are, to how having unusually high (or low) cholesterol numbers can impact your longevity here on earth. Of all the books out there, this is the first I've run across that explains everything so well, and connects it to real life in a way that I will remember it.  
Read this book!"  

B. Ettinger

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