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Do you ever wonder why the bill for a procedure or consultation performed at a hospital or a hospital owned clinic is so expensive? Simple, it's because the charge also includes a "facility fee".  This fee allows hospitals to not only cover the overhead costs associated with your procedure or consultation but to also offset the costs of other care areas that do not pay as well. If you pay for an outpatient echocardiogram or stress test, a portion of your money may go to the emergancy room or the intensive care units - all places you did not visit or services you did not need.


The reason our prices are so much lower than the hospitals or hospital owned clinics is that we DO NOT charge a facility fee. At PCC you pay only for what is being performed and nothing else.  We are a high quality, fully accredited facility just like the hospitals. Dr. Klodas is an annual Top Doctor award winner and the staff at PCC has over 30 years of experience in diagnostic testing and are all fully registered.


We encourage you to compare our cash prices to other facilities. We have our cash prices clearly on display with no surprise charges or fees - the price displayed includes everything.




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